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belling bucket


beling bucket

belling buckets dia1000mm used for enlarging the pile base used for deep foundation piling work

Reamer buckets dia1000mm used for enlarging the pile base

Belling Bucket Main application: Belling Bucket is used for enlarging the pile base in stable (mainly cohesive) soil conditions. The cutting arms are gradually opened by applying the vertical crowed force on a connecting rod and a leverage system. When extracting the tools from the borehole, the upward movement of the Kelly bar transmits the pull onto the connecting rod and cutting arms are closed

Features: Kelly box: 130-150-200 - other available upon request Teeth:  soil teeth 18TL or 25T or  hard soil teeth BFZ  Rock round shank pick.

diameter 600mm/700mm/800mm/900mm/1000mm/1100mm/1200mm/1300mm/1400mm/1500mm


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