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HCL-60B anchoring jet grouting drilling rig


main application of the drilling rig

this drilling rig can be used for all kind of soft foundation reforcement,drill -seepoge treatment for basement for high rise building,dam remediation of main rivers ,and reforcement of rails ,road and brige piler,  with the combination of of diffrent modules,the rig can be used for diffrent construction technologies,such as directional jet grouting , sewing jet grouting , rotary jet grouting ,and meet the requirement of single ,double,triple .this rig can be in process of normal rotary drilling,air lift DTH drilling,high pressure jet grouting self drill self spray,aplication for foundation ditch ,slope anchor rataining ,antifloating anchor ,jet grouting anchor ,all kind of drill hole .

feature :

equiped with rotary frame ,when neccsory , the hole can be turn to crawller side ,improve the woring efficiency ,also have indicator for drill tower verticality  ,power head rotary speed , and lift speed , the rig set hole ,position is quickly

2, adapt full hydraulic power head drive ,infinite variable speed ,drill efficency is high

3, equip with crawller ,have high climbing ability

4,drill rig can vertical , horizontal, slanted .muti angle  operate work ,

5, power head stoke is long , can use 3m lenth drill pipe , save working time,

6.max rotary speed can up to 260R/min

7apply hydraulic control , reduce worker  labour intensity , grantee the wokrer safety.

Jeting drig specification

Main specification



1 torque

3500 N.m

2 power head speed


3power head stroke

3500 mm

4power head rated lift force

30 kN

5max lift force for power head is

35 kN

6drill depth


7 drill pipe dia

Φ50 mm;Φ60 mm;Φ73 mm

8 drill hole angel



22 kW+18.5kw+1.5kw

10 size  

Work time3500×2050×5600(mm) ,transport 5600×2050×2000 (mm)


4500 kg

12system pressure


13climb capability


14 walking speed



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