Mũi khoan ruột g Dia.450mm x L5m (Agt. Rod) for Cọc d600mm

Mũi khoan ruột g Dia.450mm x L5m (Agt. Rod) for Cọc d600mm

Khoan khô D600mm for Cọc d600mm

Khoan ruột g

Mũi khoan ruột g Dia.280mm x L5m

Mũi khoan ruột g Dia.280mm x L2-3m

Khoan khô D450mm *L5M

Khoan khô D300*l6m

Cọc D600, L=16m ( Khoan khô )

Cọc D800, L=8m (khoan ướt)

my khoan dẫn ,khoan khô D600

CFA piles - drilled by continuos flight auger system - combine the advantages of the driven piles with the veracity of the bored piles. The drilling method allows to excavate in a wide of soils, dry or water logged, loose or cohesive and also to penetrate through low capacity, soft rock formations such as loamy clays, limestones and sandstone, etc

CFA diameter range from 400 to 1400 mm

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